Polymers for drug delivery, gene therapy

In the past 20 years, polymeric drug delivery technologies have made significant advancements. A formulation or a tool that facilitates the entry of a medicinal material into the body is known as polymeric drug delivery. Many innovative medication delivery techniques are made possible by biodegradable and bioreducible polymers. The development of the field has been mandated by the research's potential for use in practical applications in the future.

Pharmaceutical fields are seeing a tremendous rise in the development of polymeric drug delivery methods based on both natural and manmade polymers. The development of biocompatible and biologically relevant copolymers and dendrimers for the treatment of cancer, including their usage as vehicles for strong anticancer medicines, has been fruitful. A new paradigm for the design of polymeric drug and gene delivery systems will emerge from the fusion of viewpoints from the synthetic and biological sectors.


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