Polymer and materials chemistry

Our research focuses on a variety of topics in materials science and polymer chemistry. Polymer nanostructures, polymer membranes, and polyurethanes are the three main topics of current research. Our focus is on the creation of intricate macromolecular structures and the comprehension of their structure-property interactions, both of which are essential for enhancing polymer functionality and developing novel materials. For a variety of applications, such as fuel cells, flow batteries, sensors, drug delivery, protein binding, energetic polymers, coatings, ecologically friendly polymers, etc., we aim to produce distinctive polymeric materials.

 To create the newly created polymers, we use step-growth, emulsion, photo, radical, and RAFT polymerization processes. In order to create innovative ion exchange membranes, miscible mixtures, polymer gels and hydrogels, colloids, core-shell nanostructures, and Nano composites for use in the aforementioned application areas, our group uses these synthetic polymers.


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