Commercial Application of Biopolymers

A large form of biopolymers, like polysaccharides, polyesters, and polyamides, square measure naturally synthesized by microorganisms. These biopolymers vary from viscous solutions to plastics and their physical properties that square measure addicted to the composition and relative molecular mass of the chemical compound. gene-splicing of microorganisms has provided a huge potential for the biotechnological production of biopolymers with desired properties appropriate for medical application like tissue engineering, material science, drug delivery and bioplastics. There square measure many advantages in commercializing biopolymers largely for property development, renewability and eco-friendly aspects. Bioplastics will be factory-made principally with 3 completely different ways, one is modifying present polymers like starch, cellulose. Second, is by polymerizing bio-based monomers that square measure created by fermentation and therefore the last one, as mentioned earlier, by genetically changed microbes and plants. There square measure many technologies and processes designed for biopolymer production that embrace extrusion, film processing, thermoforming, fermentation, injection moulding, etc.

  • Processing technologies
  • Raw materials resource base
  • Transition to bio based products
  • Potential benefits of biopolymer industries
  • Products of biopolymers

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